A website created for those who would like to meet singles of the Catholic Faith. If you are the kind of person, who wishes to share his or her life with someone. Or, you want to share the same belief. Then is the best place for you. With this website, you are able to meet a lot of Catholic singles and make friends with them. Others may form to complete friendships and partnerships, while others might find love. This site has unique features created for the Catholic Single. It posts a person’s profile which includes his activities and how involved he or she is in the church. The website also posts fascinating information like verses from the Bible or fun clean and amusing facts about the person. Member’s post and mini blogs could include an invitation to a prayer meeting, a bible study or a rosary and novena invitation. With this, you not only get to know people but also, you strengthen your faith in God. is Free to join and lets you test the website for a while. You can also be a standard member. You can either pay for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months depending on your liking. With, you are also able to navigate other profiles, and upload yours. Faith in God is essential. And it is always beneficial to pray that you find a Mate that brings you closer to him. With the help of, you might even realize your one true love which was personally delivered and given by God.

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