The website is the most in depth dating service on the internet. It is based on a complex matching system developed through extensive testing of married individuals. To sign up at you need to first take time to answer and fill up a very extensive questionnaire answering things regarding yourself, your likes, and your preferences. Participants need to rigorously fill up their complex profile. It is a very long process but the end results are amazingly accurate.

A unique feature of is the unavailability of profile browsing. Yes, you are not allowed to scan and search others profiles. The only profiles you can view are those who are perfect matches for you. They take away the tiring and endless searching process and present you with the best possible matches you can have. Every match is screened for compatibility so you can be assured that the person matched to you will be a viable choice. You will no longer need to search through never ending profiles and view thousands of pictures just to find that one perfect match. This is definitely for people searching for a serious relationship.

They have over 20 million registered members and 10,000 to 15,000 new member signs up every day. They have a very detailed matching model based on 29 key dimensions that predict relationship success. A list based on 10 areas vital to your happiness is also used to match you up with other members. It is truly the perfect avenue for finding love.

To find out more about, try going directly to the website.

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