“Ethnic” Dating Site Comparison Chart

by harold on September 24, 2010

Dating Site Pricing Plan Guarantees Members Free Trial
OrientBrides.com $15.99 30 days 32000+ Yes, Limited
BlackSingles.com $4.99 30 days 2096000+ Yes, Limited
AnastasiaDate.com $15.99 30 days 100,000+ Yes
JDate.com $24.99 30 days 600,000+ Yes, Limited
InterracialSingles.net $19.99 30 days 30000+ Yes, Limited
AmoLatina.com $15.99 30 days 68,000 + Yes, Limited
AsiaFriendFinder.com $5.49 30 days 8 million+ Yes
GermanFriendFinder.com $12.99 30 days 119,752+ Yes, Limited
Amigos.com $19.95 30 days 581,000+ Yes, Limited

In case you have a particular attraction for Asian women, then Orientbrides.com is the perfect site for you. This site has excellent service and is good at their job. Orientbrides.com com lets you decide from unadulterated Asian women who are single, smart, attractive and also educated.

BlackSingles.com is a dating site that accommodate to those who are black and wants to come across the person who wants to share the similar principles, hope and history. BlackSingles.com allows you to meet all these remarkable and exciting people and lots more. You can browse various profiles by logging in and by being a member.

With the Anastasia Date, you have a marriage agency that boasts huge selection of beautiful women from Ukraine, Russia and former USSR. The company verifies each woman that registers on their site to make sure that they are real and has genuine motives for joining. Anastasia Date offers a number of services such as travel assistance and interpreters.

With JDate is a dating service, you have online dating for Jewish singles. The service is one of the demographically focused matchmaking websites by Spark Networks. The JDate mission is there to reinforce the Jewish community and make sure that Jewish customs and traditions are maintain and sustained for the future generation.

In case you are looking for a diversity of people to meet, then InterracialSingles.net is the perfect site for you. This site was designed for that kind of person who seeks an interracial relationship. This site creates a wonderful and safe environment that is honest and true friendship and the fantastic romance. This website features unique compatibility software that helps you match your likes and interest with a particular member.

The Amo Latina can help you accomplish your dream of getting together and meeting an striking Latin beauty. It has an enormous database of wonderful women coming from Latin American countries like Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. You can meet women that wants marry a foreign man.

Asia Friend Finder is a member of the huge network of Friend Finder website. This is well built and user friendly style on its website. It is simple to create your basic profile and begin searching through the vast listing by country or by zip code in the United States.

Should you want to greet and meet Germans and interact with them, then better join to the GermanFriendFinder.com. This site offers thousands of members who are German or are fascinated in finding German friends. Some join to meet people, whilst some join to find true love.

Amigo.com is a dating site that brings people together who is looking for pen pals, friends and activity partner. It features a Cupid System will message you links to your possible matches and these collection are based on your settings.


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What Do Girls Look For In Guys Online?

by benjamin on September 22, 2010

Guys, would you like to know the magic trick in catching the attention of girls online? First, you must know what exactly are things that would turn on girls in general.

If you are into online dating but luck doesn’t seem to come your way. You don’t get responses. Then something’s wrong. There must be a good reason girls just ignore your profile. Here’s the catch! It’s all just in your profile! A simple tweak will make all the difference. Here are a few tips to help you become a chick magnet with your online profile. Warning: If you can’t handle massive number of messages from interested girls in your inbox, don’t attempt to do this.

Your Profile Picture Must Be Interesting
Put in an attractive pose of yourself. Small details like these are normally the make-or-break factors. Notice the common profiles of guys online, it’s either the photo is zoomed into just the face or worse – there’s no photo at all! In other cases, whole body pictures are included – but the angle looks kinda odd or maybe the background is distracting. Make sure you post the best photo you have. Don’t look intimidating or mean – smile! Girls are normally attracted to guys who appear sociable, confident and happy.

Add More Pictures If Possible
Once a girl finds your profile picture interesting, she would want to see more pictures of you! Be ready with pictures taken in different locations with different people. Make sure that the people included in the photos are good-looking as girls would identify your personality according to the people you are with. These pictures can be shots from anywhere! While you were partying at a club with your buddies, hanging out at the beach, etc. Also, don’t forget that the focus in the picture is yourself. Display pictures of you having fun and relaxed.

Include Pictures Of You Being With Your Female Friends
Capture those moments when you hang out with more girls in the group. Girls find it challenging when they see that you are surrounded by beautiful and hot women. This appears that you are in demand and that girls would love to hang around you. They want the guy that everybody else wants! And not the nobody or the loser.

Let Them Know More About You Through Your Profile Information
Be sure that all the details you include are believable. Girls would most likely sense it right away if you show off and exaggerate. They want guys who are honest. By reading through your profile, they should be more enticed in getting to know your better. Don’t put everything on your online profile though, as this may spoil the thrill.

Come Up With A Profile Headline
Write a profile headline that reflects your personality. Girls generally look for witty and charming guys who would can keep them entertained. Sense of humour is another factor that girls look for in guys online. By posting a catchy profile headline, you might be on your way to meeting the girls who you want. Also, there are less chances that you meet the wrong type of girl who has an incompatible personality with yours. Keep the headline brief. Never ever include negative comments on your profile as girls are normally not attracted to guys who talk like girls themselves!

These best kept tips to catch girls’ attention are now yours! With the right online dating site to back you up, you’re just a few steps away from being surrounded by beautiful girls you’ve been dreaming of!


“Adult” Dating Site Comparison Chart

September 20, 2010

Dating Site Pricing Plan Guarantees Members Free Trial AdultFriendFinder.com n/a n/a n/a n/a PassionSearch.com $30 30 days 19 million+ Yes Mate1.com $49.95 30 days 21 million + Yes AshleyMadison.com $55 30 days 3 million + Yes AdultFriendFinder.com is one of the freakiest sites for those people that love to go to swingers partners and is [...]

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What Is The Most Effective Way To Date On Facebook?

September 18, 2010
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If you’re looking for a date and you’re on Facebook, then you’ve got the perfect match! Facebook is the new way of meeting new people online and searching for the one who strikes your fancy. It takes a creative skilll to catch the attention and interest of the one you’re eyeing at. Dating on Facebook [...]

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“Special” Dating Site Comparison Chart

September 17, 2010

Dating Site Pricing Plan Guarantees Members Free Trial MetroDate.com Free Free 1 million + Yes Easy Flirt n/a n/a n/a n/a SingleParentsMingle.com $10 30 days n/a Yes, Limited SeniorFriendFinder.com $10.90 30 days 400,000+ Yes, Limited GayFriendFinder.com $19.94 30 days 1,513,929+ Yes, Limited MetroDate.com began as a pay site but became 100% free in 2008. It [...]

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What Do Hot Girls Want?

September 16, 2010
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Would you like to know the secrets how other guys were able to grab those hot girls? The solution is you should be able to figure out what do those gorgeous women really want from men. So, how will you get women find you attractive and be interested in you? Here are some helpful tips [...]

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“Religious” Dating Site Comparison Chart

September 15, 2010

Dating Site Pricing Plan Guarantees Members Free Trial ChristianCafe.com $9.16 30 days 300,000 + Yes, Limited CatholicMatch.com $12.49 30 days 500,000+ Yes ChristianMingle.com $13.33 6 Months 1 million+ Yes, Limited CatholicMingle.com $7.99 30 days 50,000+ Yes, Limited BigChurch.com $5.55 30 days 400,000+ Yes, Limited JewishFriendFinder.com $7.77 30 days 100,000+ Yes, Limited The Christian Café is [...]

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Why Do Girls Value Wealth More Than Looks?

September 13, 2010
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Women are commonly mistaken as materialistic and mercantile because they seem to drawn more to rich men. The reason behind this is the female nature. Girls are not actually directly drawn to rich men, rather to the qualities that typical rich men have. There are three key factors that girls find attractive in men with [...]

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“Wealthy” Dating Site Comparison Chart

September 11, 2010

Dating Site Pricing Plan Guarantees Members Free Trial WealthyMen.com $39.95 30 days 49,000 + Yes, Limited EstablishedMen.com $49 30 days 61,000+ Yes The Wealthy Men is an online personal dating site that is dedicated for women and men who are searching for a great quality online dating encounter. It will let women discover men that [...]

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Dating Online Is The Most Efficient Way To Date

September 9, 2010
Thumbnail image for Dating Online Is The Most Efficient Way To Date

Online dating has now become a popular trend among people looking for a partner or a relationship. Having today’s fast-paced modern day lifestyle and with the advent of the Internet technology – online dating becomes the most efficient way to date. A few years back, online dating still wasn’t socially accepted. Those who engaged in [...]

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