We started Dating Spy for 2 primary reason:

  • To give you a dating tool (Coming soon..) to browse through many profiles and websites without actually signing up. This will allow you to look at profiles of people you may be interested in. You can also check out a short description of them to get a feel of their personality and then decide if you want to sign up for the website or not. You can also see who has a popular profile and choose to vote for them as well.
  • Our website also gives you a sneak peak at many dating websites without actually signing up. This may sound like a trivial tool when deciding to sign up for dating websites since many of them are very similar but if you take a look at the websites, many of them do contain different tools and functionality you may be interested in knowing about.
  • This is also a community website and we accept contributions on pictures and any other important information you may have on online dating or the important websites.
  • This site is also a blog and we like to add any interesting articles, content or information about online dating or dating in general. If you have anything of interest to add feel free to shoot us an email.

Thank for visiting and enjoy!

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