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Welcome to the Dating Spy Blog. Here we’ve gone ahead and peeked behind the walls of many different online dating sites so you can see what the sites have to offer before actually joining. With thousands of online dating websites out there we hope to give you a little more information so you can better decide which site is worth your time so you can spend more time getting to know your future soul mate.

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Our team consists of developers that help build this website from scratch, marketing specialists to help this website gain an audience that loves the outdoors and writers that help produce the content that you see on this website and blog. Please feel free to shoot as an email at info@datingspy.org.


If you want to become a sponsor/advertiser or feel that both our companies can benefit through cross promotion, please send us an email at info@datingspy.org. Please email us if you want your company to be included in our search engine as well.